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A University of Yoga is Born

The Lakulish Yoga University was founded April 22, 2013 under the Gujarat State Private Universities Act of 2009 and was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat State, India in a special ceremony commemorating, not only India's first, but the world's first government accredited Yoga University. India being the birth place of Yoga, how fitting that the world's first Yoga University be established on its soil. Swami Rajarshi Muni is its Founder.

The seed of Lakulish University was planted by Swami Kripalvanandji (affectionately known to all as Bapuji) on November 13,1976 when he inaugurated the Lakulish Institute of Yoga:

"Today I experience great satisfaction by inaugurating the Lakulish Institute of Yoga. In fact I had done its subtle inauguration six years ago by way of initiating Rajarshi Muni as my sannyasi disciple. A real institute is not a building made of bricks and mortar, but that of a pious renunciate and realized Yogi.

India is the birthplace of yoga and has spread the light of this spiritual knowledge since ancient times. In the present time the light of yoga has been flickering. We shall have to be careful to preserve this precious treasure of life, namely yoga, which is a gift given to us by our ancient sages and seers.

I wish that the Lakulish Institute of Yoga may grow to become a full-fledged University of Yoga, in which the spiritual aspirants from all the religions of the world may learn and practice yoga. I know that this Herculean task cannot be fulfilled without the grace of Lord Lakulish (Bapuji's Guru - the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva). By inaugurating this Institute I have merely obeyed His command. I leave the result to His divine will. I pray to Him that this Institute may produce real yogis and offer spiritual guidance to the whole world."

The Philosophy of the Lakulish University of Yoga

Yoga is non-sectarian in principle and universal in application. It is a scientific process of inner evolution bringing about an expansion of consciousness. Yoga is the path leading one from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and from illusion to reality. Therefore, it is for all seekers of truth, irrespective of their religion.

Yoga is neither a religion, nor a part of any religious system. It is around the practice of Yoga that the great religions of the world have developed. This is the philosophy of the University.

Teaching and Research
  1. Teaching
    In his speech of November 2001, given in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the establishment of the the Lakulish Institute of Yoga, Swami Rajarshi Muni said:

    "Indian spiritual knowledge is expressed through Six philosophical treatises, known as Shad-Darshan. One of them is 'Yoga Darshan', propounded by Sage Patanjali that states that the ultimate objective of a yogi should be liberation, which means freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. In order to fulfill this goal, a Yogi must attain the divine body which has no death or rebirth.

    The ancient scripture Shvetashvatar Upanishad says: "One who attains the body purified through the fire of yoga, does not get disease, old age, or death." This is the real result of yoga, without which there cannot be freedom from death and rebirth. My Guru Swami Kripalvanandji taught this principle of the divine body and the practice of Divine Yoga and when he inaugurated the Lakulish Institute of Yoga, he certainly had in mind that the Institute should teach genuine aspirants this, the highest level of yoga."

  2. Research
    The Institute was established by the Late Swami Kripalvanandji with the objective of contributing to the human well-being by way of teaching yoga and the yogic way of life worldwide. It aimed at offering not only all yoga related education, but also to conducting research into yoga practice.

    The research into yoga practice that was initiated by the Institute, will most assuredly be continued on by the University. It will be both method oriented and applied research. One aspect of yoga that was researched in depth by the Institute and will continue to be researched by the the University is the functioning of pran in various yogic processes such as asan, pranayam, shat kriyas, bandhas, mudras etc. Both Swami Kripalvanand and his successor Swami Rajarshi Muni have explored this subject in depth and have found that pran is the intermediary energy that establishes the connection between the body, mind, and soul. A practitioner who can recognize and experience this energy, undergoes spontaneous purification of body and mind.

    Swami Rajarshi Muni has described this spontaneous working of pran and its physical and mental manifestations and purifications in his book, "Yoga experiences" and also in his new forthcoming book, "Yoga of Spontaneous Meditation". His all encompassing book, "Classical Hatha Yoga" is considered to be his monumental work.

    Yoga constitutes the most important aspects of human life and the university courses will accordingly focus on the all around development of the human personality - physical, mental and spiritual.
Teaching Program

Three-year Graduate Degree Program in two streams:
Stream 1: Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga & Raja Yoga

Stream 2: Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga & Bhakti Yoga

Students can opt for Stream 1 or Stream 2. The program of Stream 1 is designed mainly for students under 35 years of age. The Stream 2 Program will suit students of any age group.

The minimum qualification for admission to either program is High-School (12th Standard) Pass.

Course Curriculum

Two types of curricula are offered to suit the requirements and convenience of the student community:
  1. Three-year part-time non-residential program in two annual semesters of 114 days (June to October) and 126 days (November to April) with limited daily hours of study (2.5 Hour Morning and Evening Batches). 300 Hours/20 Credits per Semester, 600 Hours/ 40 Credits/Year, 1800 Hrs. and 120 Credits/ 3 Years.

  2. Full-time modular residential program of six modules of 46 days each, offering the same syllabus and study hour requirements and credits as the part-time program. (Daily 6 1/2 -Hr classes for 46 days per module during the notified dates). 300 Hrs/20 Credits per module, total 6 successive modules adding up to 1800 Hours of Study worth 120 Credits necessary for Graduate Degree.
Paper Identity
Tuition Hours

Tuition Hours

Stream 1: Classical Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga and Raja Yoga)
Paper 1: Ashtang Yoga
120 360
Paper 2: Metaphysics, Psychology and Pinnacle of Yoga
Paper 3: Development of Indian Philosophical Thought
Paper 4: Yoga Vasishtha
Paper 5: Themes from Indian Culture
Paper 6: Yoga and Allied Therapies
Total 1080 Hours comprised of
720+ 360

Stream 2: Karma, Gyan and Bhakti Yoga
Paper 1: Karma Yoga & Gyan Yoga
120 360
Paper 2: Bhakti Yoga
Paper 3: Development of Indian Philosophical Thought
Paper 4: Yoga Vasishtha
Paper 5: Themes from Indian Culture
Paper 6 : Philosophies of Other World Religions
Total 1080 Hours comprised of
720+ 360

Common Elective Courses
Paper 1: Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene & Physical Education
140 40
Paper 2: Indology
Total Hours for Elective Programs
320 40

Common Foundation Courses
Paper 1. Languages (Sanskrit / English)
Paper 2. Sociology and Psychology
Total Hours for Foundation Programs
Total (Foundation, Stream 1 and Stream 2)
1800 720
Total (Electives, Stream 1 and Stream 2)
1760 760
Total (Electives, Foundation, Stream 1 or Stream 2)
1400 400

Fees for overseas students taking Modular Program

Fee Description Amount
Registration Fee $50
Examination Fee $10
Contingencies $20
Tuition Fee $725
Boarding and Lodging $325
Total Fees $1130


Students electing to discontinue studies after successful completion of one or more modules will be awarded a Certificate or Diploma appropriate to the relevant stage of successful completion of studies as follows.

Program Level Accumulated Hours
Certificate Programs
First Level Certificate in Yoga Module 1 300 20
Second Level Certificate in Yoga Module 2 600 40

Diploma Programs
Lower Diploma in Yoga Module 3 900 60
Higher Diploma in Yoga Module 4 1200 80

Undergraduate Program
Undergraduate Award Module 5 1500 100

Graduate Program
Graduate Degree in Yoga Module 6 1800 120

Important Course Dates:

Labour Day Weekend Meditation, Yoga & Health Retreat: August 29 - September 1, 2014

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